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Youth Leadership FAQ’s

Youth Leadership FAQ’s


  1. What is Youth Leadership Wilson? Youth Leadership Wilson is a leadership program for high school juniors in Wilson County and is designed to expose young leaders to the various elements of leadership and its impact on a strong and dynamic
    community. It is a program of Leadership Wilson, Inc., an adult leadership training program.
  2. Who governs the program? The Youth Leadership Wilson Committee of the Board of Directors of Leadership Wilson functions as the policy planning body.
  3. How much does it cost? There is no cost to participate. Youth Leadership Wilson only requires an investment in time, energy, and especially enthusiasm. Local sponsors underwrite the cost of the program.
  4. How many participants will be selected each year? Five students from each of the Wilson County high schools, Mt. Juliet Christian Academy and Friendship Christian School
  5. How are the participants selected? The students are selected through an application process by the guidance counselors and administration at their respective schools. Click here for applications.
  6. What is the deadline for applications? The deadline for students submitting applications is August 23. Names of students selected are due to Dorie Mitchell on Friday, September 6. The can be scanned and emailed to dorie@leadershipwilson.com.
  7. Will credit be given for participation? Your participation in this program will be a positive factor on your higher education application. At this time, school credit is not given for completion of the program; however, it is considered an excused absence. Each student will be required to make up all work that is missed on class days.
  8. Will I receive a college scholarship when I complete the program? Leadership Wilson, Inc. offers a scholarship at Cumberland University with first priority given to a graduate of Youth Leadership Wilson. Information will be provided on this scholarship during the class year.
  9. Who do I call with questions? contact Dorie Mitchell, Program Coordinator, at 615-415-3337.

Attendance at the opening retreat and all class days is required!!

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