Leadership Wilson

2023 – 2024 Youth Leadership Wilson

2023 – 2024 Youth Leadership Wilson

2023 - 2024 Youth Leadership Wilson

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Leadership Wilson provides training and growth opportunities to a cross-section of high school students in Wilson County through a program that values diversity and recognizes differing leadership styles.

Youth Leadership Wilson is a program for high school juniors in the Wilson County public and private schools. Thirty students are selected each year to participate in a program that teaches them about their communities, who’s "in charge", as well as valuable leadership skills. Students do not pay tuition to participate in Youth Leadership Wilson; the program is funded by the adult program.

Program Objectives:

  • To build leadership knowledge and improve interpersonal skills
  • To provide models that explain a broad range of leadership styles
  • To encourage initiative and creativity
  • To identify and train potential leaders
  • To broaden horizons by presenting to the participants a broad range of information concerning Wilson County and its citizens
  • To provide opportunities for innovative problem solving
  • To create leadership networks and continuing learning processes that can be replicated in the community high schools
  • To learn to work effectively using a group process

The program began in 1994 as an education group project of the charter class of Leadership Wilson. The program has grown from 15 students each year to 30 students. Since its beginning, over five hundred youth have graduated from the program and gone on to be better leaders among in high school and college. The youth start out the year in October with an outdoor experience -- getting to know each other and engaging in team-building experiences. Class days follow each month (during school hours) on topics such as Education, Community Service, Careers, Local Government, State Government and Lifestyles in Wilson County. The class also completes group projects that use the leadership skills they are learning while benefiting the county as well.

Youth Leadership Wilson is a program of the adult Leadership Wilson program and is overseen by a committee of the Board of Directors of Leadership Wilson. Volunteer sponsors handle the planning and conducting of class days.

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