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Unplug Recharge No Social Media Challenge

Unplug Recharge No Social Media Challenge

By Leadership Wilson Class of 2020

We have created this special campaign in a way to reach out to our community and beyond to educate others on the overuse of social media and encourage families to put down the electronics and spend Valentine's weekend together!


We are inviting/challenging local businesses and organizations to promote a social media free weekend for the Valentines weekend of February 14th - 16th.  We encourage individuals to not be so glued to and obsessed with social media but to rather connect with people face to face - to engage in meaningful activities together.  Maybe even pay attention to each other at that special Valentines dinner rather than scrolling through online posts that may not really be true connections.  It's a call from our LW team to put down your phone instead of missing precious time with your family to check your feed.  Or maybe avoid putting technology in front of your children to keep them quiet at a family dinner.  Be present with your loved ones.  Make them more important than your phone.  Look them in the eye and really see these important people - family and friends.

And just a note....this doesn't mean those days a phone cannot be used for calls and emails as needed when they don't distract from your relationships.  And Valentines Day is a big deal.  We certainly want to encourage people to take pictures of the big day and the romantic dates.  But just wait to post them until after and maybe find some freedom in not feeling the urgency and pressure to get that post out there.

We are working on a list of businesses that are on board and will be posting those on the Leadership Wilson Unplug-Recharge site.  Several restaurants will even have specials or discounts for people who put their phones down voluntarily when they come in to eat from the 14th - 16th.  Participating businesses will have the logo posted somewhere visible.  We encourage you to not only take the challenge, but post a flyer on the front door or window of your business to let everyone know you are committing!  Feel free to print off the flyer attached below, or if you need a color copy, just email, and we will be sure that you have one. And jump in and give us a shout out online.  We would love to know who all has decided to join us in the challenge.
You can visit the Facebook page for more details and interaction (just no during February 14-16!)
I am also attaching a video that is being used to promote the event.  Let me know if you have trouble viewing it.  I am hoping you and your team will see the value and help us get the word out to Lebanon!  Feel free to contact me or any of the project team if you have any questions.  
Unplug-Recharge Challenge
Unplug-Recharge Challenge - Class of 2020

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