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Leadership Wilson Group Projects

Leadership Wilson Group Projects

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"Never Doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

- Margaret Mead

Your Leadership Wilson class will be selecting topics identified as major problems/issues/opportunities facing our county. As leaders, you will want to address these topics and seek permanent solutions.

Project Outcome
Each team will define a project resulting in a tangible end product that will be completed by the end of the program year. Additionally, at year-end, each team should be able to articulate the group leadership skills gained and applied, and the process used to complete the project.

Project Purposes

  • To provide opportunities for participants to obtain "hands-on" experiences and information about the community, and to channel their individual interests to promote positive change that enhances the lives and well-being of the citizens of Wilson County;
  • To provide an opportunity for class members to apply leadership skills and new information toward an end product;
  • To provide a continuing, small-group experience for class members; and
  • To provide an opportunity for class members to become involved with people in the community as collaborators in a common effort.

Project Criteria
Teams will have considerable latitude in choosing a project. Projects should be, however, consistent with the general purposes and values of Leadership Wilson, and teams should choose an area new and challenging to most, if not all, members of the team. Projects may not be solely religious in nature, have a primary purpose of soliciting funds for a community organization, or advocating for a partisan or non-partisan political purpose, or provide a direct benefit to an organization employing a team member or having a team member on its board. Projects should be original in nature or at least with a new twist.

  • The following criteria should be used to assess all project proposals:
  • Is the project oriented toward action on the study group’s part?
  • Does the project address a pressing need in the community?
  • Is the project well defined?
  • Can the project be completed by graduation?

Project Team Membership
Project teams will consist of six or seven people (five teams). Class members will be assigned to teams by Dorie. Time, effort, energy, and creativity are the principal resources that the individuals will bring to these teams.

Approval and Accountability
By consensus, a proposal outlining the chosen project must be submitted to the Executive Director by December 31 or before. The Director may ask for project updates at any time.

Project Ownership
All products become the property of Leadership Wilson, Inc. Copyrights or patents should be filed in the name of Leadership Wilson, Inc.

Publicity and Funding Issues
Any press releases, advertising copy, brochure designs or other promotional materials or publicity using Leadership Wilson’s name must be submitted for approval by the Executive Director in advance of their public use. Leadership Wilson does not fund projects. Teams are encouraged to design projects that do not require raising funds. Any fundraising (including in-kind requests or requests to team member’s employers) must be project related and must be cleared in advance with the Executive Director. Teams must not commit to spending money that is not secured.

Project Presentation
Project Teams will present their project at the annual Leadership Wilson Alumni Luncheon, held in late March.


  • Recreational Outlets in County for Youth
  • Newspaper Tabloid on Family Services
  • County Growth Impact Fees
  • Commercial Building Guide Book
  • Image of Education in Wilson County
  • Evaluation tool for Leadership Wilson Program


  • Parent to Parent Workshops
  • Helping Hands License Plate program
  • SRO Phone Crisis Line
  • Historical Driving Tour
  • Skills for Entry-level Jobs


  • Fund-raiser for Adult Reading Council
  • Web page Linking Towns
  • Welcome Sign for Lebanon
  • Research for a Juvenile Detention Center
  • Planning City Park in Mt. Juliet


  • [Requested projects from community]
  • Asset Building in Wilson County (CU)
  • First Wheels (DHS)
  • Emergency Housing for Homeless/Transients (Help Center)
  • Tracking GED Graduates (AEDC)
  • Assets for Youth in County (STARS)
  • Public Awareness Campaign for Youth Emergency Services (YES)


  • Bike Trails
  • Promotion of ARTRAIN Visit to Watertown
  • Disaster Relief Plan for Property Owners
  • Network of Social Services Agencies
  • Needs Assessment of Health and Social Services Agencies
  • Continuation of 1999’s Asset Building in Wilson County


  • Relocation Information on Website for Wilson County
  • Update Website for Wilson County Schools
  • Operation Job Fair
  • Directory of Important Numbers for Senior Citizens
  • Planted Trees at Schools in all three Municipalities


  • Quarterly Tourism Brochure/placemats with Events
  • Volunteer Fairs at local Businesses
  • Career Counseling in Schools; Chat with a Professional
  • Hispanic Awareness – CPR Classes in Spanish
  • Develop a Tri-chamber Beautification Foundation


  • Formed a Diabetes Support Group
  • Envision Wilson – Creating a Community Vision
  • Affordable Housing Brochure
  • Volunteers in Public Education (VIPe) – a talent pool for teachers
  • Power Point Presentation for Teen Court


  • VISION 2015
  • Core Team – Provided Methodology and Support for Project
  • Health and Social Services
  • Education
  • Infrastructure
  • Business & Industry
  • Recreation


  • Drive to Survive Video
  • Empower Me Daycamp – Fundraiser
  • Provided Safe Kids I. D. Kits
  • HelpSource – database of charitable and governmental agencies
  • Extreme Makeover at Youth Ranch


  • Speakers’ Directory
  • Adult Learning Center Addition
  • Assist Junior Achievement with Database
  • Business/school Partnerships
  • Handbook for Teen Lifeskills


  • Backpack Program for Watertown
  • Children’s and Teen’s areas at Lebanon Public Library
  • Express Wilson County: Get on Board
  • Benefit for HomeSafe
  • School Bullying


  • The Vial of Life
  • Play it Forward
  • Restoration of the Courthouse Clock
  • Recruitment of TN Technology Center in Wilson County
  • Wilson County Pet Finders


  • The IKE Program
  • Hope Builders – Brooks House
  • Awareness for the Community Help Cener
  • Book of Many Colors – PSA
  • MJ Senior Citizens Ctr.


  • Nivens Home for Veterans
  • Brooks House Fundraiser
  • Charis Health Center Awareness
  • Empower Me Daycamp
  • MJ Community Help Center


  • Power of One
  • College Fair for Students with Disability
  • 911 Awareness
  • Homeless Students
  • Senior Needs


  • Get Fit Wilson – Health Fair
  • Move Across Wilson – Get Up, Get Fit, Get Healthy
  • Guiness Book of World Records – 100 Meter Relay


  • Drain the Vein – Blood Drive in all High Schools
  • Celebrating Beauty – Special Needs Beauty Pageant
  • Wilson County Help Quest – Database for Services
  • The Open Book Society – Adult Learning Center
  • Leadership Wilson Alumni Luncheon


  • Anti-Bullying Video
  • Wilson Vision – Feeding Hungry Children
  • Think Before You Press – Teen Texting
  • Volunteer Wilson
  • Jere’s Ride


  • Continuation of Jere’s Ride
  • Collegiate Connections Internship Fair
  • Live It Forward – Organ Donation
  • TN Achieves Mentor Program
  • Fill the Bus


  • Internships for WilsonCounty College Students
  • Bocce Ball Court for SpecialOlympics
  • Jere’s Ride
  • Empower Me Day Camp – Path to Freedom
  • Empower Me Day Camp - Grand Opening
  • National Jr High Rodeo Championship


  • Back Pack Program
  • Leadership Road Advisory Committee
  • High School Student Norms regarding drugs and drinking
  • Internship Wilson
  • Skilled Labor Workforce Forum


  • Help Center fundraiser at the CU Football game
  • Adult Recreation – Elmer Elkins Softball Fields
  • Sharing Change – increase awareness to sign up
  • Suicide Prevention Hotline
  • Books for Break – collect books for children


  • Adult Recreation - Elmer Elkins Funding
  • Wilson County Day of Kindness
  • Music and Memories at Tuckers Gap
  • Children’s Music
  • Internet Safety for Parents

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