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Individual Class Member Details

Individual Class Member Details

Ray Dunn
McGriff Insurance
Class of 2023
(615) 618-3076

Member Since: October 3rd, 2022
Current Activities / Involvement

Coaching basketball for West Wilson Basketball Association (two teams); Truist Bank Annual Lighthouse Project (community improvement event).

Major Barriers

I have three young children (14, 12, and 9) who are reaching an age where they are more independent and this allowing me more time to invest in causes and organizations I believe can make a difference. Most of the civic related items I have participated in to this point have largely centered around my children's activities (Scouts, coaching, school functions, etc.) so I am eager to become engaged with an organization that is impacting a wider portion of the community.

Community Challenge / Issue / Goal

As a lifelong Wilson County resident, I am proud of the growth and development the county has experienced and how well each city within the county has managed this growth. We know Wilson County is a tremendous place to live and work; however, I think a particular need we must be cognizant of is the identity of the county as we continue to grow. Wilson County has a rich tradition and history that needs to be preserved and protected so our unique place in the landscape of Middle Tennessee is recognized. I think this is primarily accomplished through the preservation of historic homes, farms, and landmarks within the county. My fear is if we lose this identity people will lose their connection for why Wilson County is such a special place to live, work, and play. I think Leadership Wilson is uniquely positioned to work across city boundaries and ensure the aspects of Wilson County we cherish are spotlighted and protected amidst the growth and progress we will continue to experience for years to come.

Education: High School

Mount Juliet High School (1999)

Education: College

Middle Tennessee State University (2004)

Education: Extracurricular & Leadership

Most of the awards and accomplishments are related to various leadership and performance based awards for career achievements. The most significant example I can give related to leadership activities is that at two different times in my career (with two different companies) I have been the youngest person, nationally, promoted into the respective leadership roles. While not awards or certificates, it was a tremendous accomplishment to be entrusted with the responsibilities I was given and to know people (above and below me) had confidence in my judgement, vision, and leadership style.

Company / Job Responsibilities

As the Middle Tennessee Agency Executive I oversee all of McGriff's operations and personnel for the Middle Tennessee offices located in Nashville and Cookeville. McGriff is the nation's sixth largest insurance broker, primarily focused on middle to large market insurance placements for commercial insurance and employee benefits clients. McGriff partners with many prominent and well respected businesses throughout Middle Tennessee, including Wilson County.

Participation Expectations

I hope I can help make Wilson County a better place and play a part in it's continued success. I also hope I can facilitate the work and/or conversations that need to occur to ensure Leadership Wilson's goals are met effectively and successfully. Lastly, I hope to take away a better understanding for where the community is headed and the hurdles we face so I can continue to be involved in similar organizations.

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