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Individual Class Member Details

Individual Class Member Details

Paula Joy McDonnell
Class of 2021
(615) 512-1280

Member Since: July 1st, 2020
Current Activities / Involvement

I am actively working to provide much needed furniture to tornado victims moving to temporary or new homes. If someone needs free furniture, I assist them in finding local resources. Also, I am looking forward to assisting with Cumberland University's upcoming Phoenix Ball.

Major Barriers

For the past 3 years, I have worked to achieve profitability in my business as well as making it run efficiently. It has taken the majority of my days, nights and weekends making it difficult to commit to assisting. At this point, however, I am able to hand tasks to employees allowing me more time to commit to Leadership Wilson.

Community Challenge / Issue / Goal

Daily in my store, I meet people who have moved here from many and varied locations. It is my observation that we are experiencing growing "issues" in many different ways. I was not a supporter of the new sales tax increase, although I understand the reasons for it. I believe we can improve in our county's spending as was required when I worked for a Fortune 100 Corporation, as well as how I am now required to manage my own business. I hope to gain insight about the topic as well as find ways I can personally get involved.

Thank you for inviting me to apply. Thank you for your consideration.

Education: High School

Jackson Central Merry, Jackson, Tennessee

Education: College

The University of Tennessee at Martin

Education: Graduate Level

Bachelor of Science in Communications, English Minor.

Education: Extracurricular & Leadership

During my management career at BellSouth, I developed a process to improve customer satisfaction levels. My team then led the imitative that was adopted across the corporation. This leadership activity led to a J.D. Powers Award for Customer Service in the Small/Mid-Size Business category. During the flood of 2010, I was a part of a highly focused team of managers who worked without stopping to move the Tennessee State Government critical locations to dry locations. Our jails, our 911 service and other emergency facilities had no lapses of service that could have been catastrophic. Because of our diligence and success, we were awarded the Customer Service Award of Excellence.

My extracurricular activities include traveling with my husband, tap dancing, ranting about politics, and reading multiple books at a time. Together, we have four adult children and one grandchild.

Company / Job Responsibilities

I am the owner of Square Market here in Lebanon. It is a small, home decor' store. All responsibilities are mine. Decorating the store, ordering product, ordering supplies, inventory management, coaching and managing part-time employees, and most importantly, assisting customers.

Participation Expectations

I hope to gain valuable, new contacts within the Wilson County Community. I believe that "steel sharpens steel"--- we learn from each other while working toward the same goals. I also am looking forward to learning more about industries and businesses within our county. Now that I have more free time to volunteer and serve my community, I expect Leadership Wilson to be the avenue by which I am connected with opportunities to serve.

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