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Individual Class Member Details

Individual Class Member Details

Nora LeAnn Blevins
Cumberland University
Class of 2021
(615) 804-7109

Member Since: July 1st, 2020
Current Activities / Involvement

I am currently involved with the Chamber of Commerce through Cumberland, and am a member of Providence United Methodist Church in Mt. Juliet, TN. I do volunteer to help at the schools in which my children are enrolled when opportunities arise. I was one of the founders of the Friends of Lebanon Animals volunteer group that assisted Lebanon's Animal Control officer (now at Mt. Juliet) in working to place strays with rescue groups across the nation, as well as adopt out to our community. Although that opportunity ended shortly after she left LAC, I still advise her, and also help a couple of local rescues when I can, or do my own rescuing.

Major Barriers

For twelve of the 15 years we have lived in Lebanon, I worked in Nashville. Other than meeting people through my children's schools and sporting events, I've not had many opportunities to meet or get to know many government officials or business leaders in the community.

Community Challenge / Issue / Goal

I believe we need more opportunities for our students to engage in activities outside of school to help keep them safe and out of trouble. We do have some good sporting opportunities for students, although they can be more expensive than our lower income earning families can afford during certain seasons. I'd like to see us develop even more opportunities for students to learn other sports and provide more locations for them to play those sports. Those sporting locations could bring in more revenue for tournaments, as well, without requiring our communities to tax our infrastructure on a more permanent basis.

Education: High School

Gallatin Senior High School

Education: College

Volunteer State Community College; Western Kentucky University

Education: Graduate Level

Western Kentucky University

Education: Academic Awards

Was named to Dean's Lists several times.

Education: Extracurricular & Leadership

Awarded the James L. Tuttle Award at Volunteer State Community College for contributing to the campus in a special way and with humility.

Company / Job Responsibilities

As Director of Career Services, I am responsible for assisting students in locating and registering for internships required for their academic programs, as well as preparing for and looking for employment opportunities, both during enrollment and after graduation. I am also working to build a better relationship with employers throughout our service area, so that they have the opportunity to know our university, our students and the quality of the education we offer them! If they believe in what we do, they will give our students more opportunities to learn from them, our community experts, and perhaps even hire them!

Participation Expectations

As the Director of Career Services & Internships for Cumberland University, getting to know businesses in the community, as well as community leaders, is imperative for me to build relationships in our community that will allow me to help our students have opportunities to learn from our business leaders. Building those relationships will not only help Cumberland students and the university, it will help keep Cumberland (and me) better connected with the community so we can find more ways to contribute to the community!

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