Leadership Wilson

Individual Class Member Details

Individual Class Member Details

Grant Denney
Farm Credit Mid America
Class of 2021
(615) 418-5365

Member Since: July 1st, 2020
Current Activities / Involvement

Not involved in many activities outside of those my church is involved in as well as those my work are involved in.

Major Barriers

My major barrier would be not knowing what's available to get involved in or having a group to get involved with. I have always volunteered and been involved in any activities outside of the office that my work offers or is involved in, such as volunteering at Second Harvest, community cleanup days, Shooting Hunger event, etc. I attended the Leadership Wilson Ag day lunch that Farm Credit Mid America sponsored last year and talked with a co worker, Chris Ferrell, who is a 2018 alumni about Leadership Wilson and what all is covered and what the experience does. Chris spoke highly of the group and said if I ever got the opportunity to apply that I should. I have been looking for a development opportunity for my work for the year 2020. I've wanted to do something centered around being more involved in my community and developing myself as a leader. Leadership Wilson was the first that came to my mind. I talked to Chris about how to sign up and he led me to the website. I spoke to my direct report at my work and she felt it was a perfect opportunity and that I should look into applying for the 2020 class.

Community Challenge / Issue / Goal

I think the year 2020 and the immediate years to follow has shown challenges and problems from the tornado that hit our county this month. This event has left concern and countless needs across Wilson County. I'm not certain as to what the main need is for this situation, but am willing to be involved in the solution any way that I can. I have personally volunteered with a couple different cleanup groups and know that there will be a long road to recovery for many citizens and businesses. What this looks like for the Leadership Wilson experience group I'm not sure, but it's an event that has definitely given our county a challenge and need.

Education: High School

Smith County High School

Education: College

Tennessee Tech University | 2015 graduate | Bachelor of Science in agricultural engineering

Company / Job Responsibilities

Loan processor for our financial officers. Work with customers on gathering and inputting information. Also responsible for inside sales.

Participation Expectations

I hope to gain more knowledge on what makes Wilson County a great place to work and live and to play a part in making it better. I feel that by learning more about the county and the different segments, I will be able to be more involved and help when needed. I hope to gain connections and meet new people that live and work in Wilson County. I will utilize the Leadership Wilson experience to make me a better leader for my home life, my work, and my county.

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