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Individual Class Member Details

Individual Class Member Details

DeJeay Woods
Wilson Bank & Trust
Class of 2021
(615) 582-4424

Member Since: July 1st, 2020
Current Activities / Involvement

I am currently a member of the Lebanon Sports Council, I am also a part of the volunteer referee association for the Lebanon Special School District. I am always looking for new ways I can help or be involved with our community.

Major Barriers

Time management has always been a factor in addition I think the lack of knowledge on what is available plays a factor as well. Being nominated for this opportunity is a big factor in helping meet other individuals that are just as committed, if not more, to helping and being involved in our community.

Community Challenge / Issue / Goal

The major concern that we have identified in Lebanon is with youth soccer. The agreement they currently have is set to expire soon and would leave hundreds of our Wilson County youth without fields to play. The idea that keeps coming to mind is using the property Lebanon bought and looks to utilize as a multi-sport plex. While soccer has the immediate they may drive enough revenue to pay for the facilities needed. There are several phases involved with this overall construction, but I would consider this a huge opportunity for Lebanon and Wilson County. Eliminating the loss of players going to Murfressboro who has several multi-sport facilities and could be considered a leader in Middle Tennessee's youth soccer.

Education: High School

Gallatin High

Education: College

Cumberland University

Education: Extracurricular & Leadership

High School: football, baseball, and track. College: football. Assisted with Titans camp, the most recent being Jake Locker QB Camp.

Company / Job Responsibilities

I work with both Business and Consumers in Wilson County and surrounding counties starting and/or growing their business. I help consumers start or establish credit. I help with auto loans, mortgages, and construction loans while being their main point of contact for the bank.

Participation Expectations

The biggest thing I hope to gain are areas in which our community may not excel and developing way to create more opportunity for growth. I think with my immediate focus being so heavily involved in local sports, there are definitely opportunities that I may have overlooked and may be able to commit to.

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