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Individual Class Member Details

Individual Class Member Details

Daniel Wentworth Cook
Turner Construction Company
Class of 2023
(615) 604-3980

Member Since: October 3rd, 2022
Current Activities / Involvement

As of right now, just my job and my kids sports. We just moved back to Lebanon from a few years in Knoxville, so I am ready to get engrained in my community for the long-term.

Major Barriers

Attempting to manage my Work/Life balance in my profession & my family obligations has been the largest hurdle in preventing me from being involved outside of those arenas. With young kids, that is a tough task to manage and will likely never be mastered.

However, as I have grown my perspective on priorities has matured and I am at a stage where I am better equipped to adjust attention to my responsibilities as needed in order to meet the requirements at hand. As a Lebanon native, I want to be a part of managing the growth of my hometown and my community. Being a part of Leadership Wilson allows for me to take the early steps in accomplishing those goals. I have friends (Ginger Naylor & Adam Tune) who have graduated from this program and we have discussed how participation provided benefits personally, professionally and for the community as well.

Community Challenge / Issue / Goal

The local growth has got to be the most impactful focus of our community at this time. While growth can be great, management is a must through setting priorities and standards to ensure that which we value stays as the main intent while also making sure we do not allow our community to become something we no longer resemble. As a construction and development professional, I feel that I can provide positive input and influence to assist in that effort. That is mainly due to the fact that I am made up of what Lebanon is and also share the desire to maintain the makeup of what our Lebanon is, has always been, and needs to continue to be.

Education: High School

Friendship Christian School

Education: College

Middle Tennessee State University

Education: Graduate Level

2x Bachelors Degrees

Education: Academic Awards


Education: Extracurricular & Leadership

At MTSU, I held the position of Secretary, Treasurer, VP and President of the Associated General Contractors student organization and grew membership from <20 to >100 members while in office.

Company / Job Responsibilities

Direct oversight and management of commercial construction projects from schematic design through project completion and Owner turnover. This includes assistance in early project design and budgeting, purchasing of subcontracted work through negotiations and management of installing work in place through the life of a project. This also includes management and growth of team members to not only have success in the project, but also to assist in growing their knowledge base and tool sets to become successful professionals throughout their career(s).

Participation Expectations

First and foremost, I want to see the backbone of our community and how we are currently represented. I also want to gain insight on how I can be a better community member and professional from others through the site visits, program discussions and networking opportunities. Upon graduation, I'd like to join our local Chamber and take part as a member to help our community and my company grow for the betterment of both.

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