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Individual Class Member Details

Individual Class Member Details

Charles Edward "Chuck" Benson
Keller Williams Realty - Mt Juliet
Class of 2021
(615) 425-8470

Member Since: July 1st, 2020
Current Activities / Involvement

Compassionate Hands homeless ministry, Joseph's Storehouse, I am very involved in my church, The Bridge Fellowship and we lead two small groups in my home each week. I assist in leading and organizing our Keller Williams "Red Day Everyday" activities - which places over 125 agents from the Mt Juliet office into our community and county for community service projects several times per year. We host youth and mission groups into our home. Cedar Creek and Old Hickory Lake clean up. I, like so many people, have most recently been participating in the tornado and storm clean up here in Mt Juliet and in Nashville. As a beekeeper, I am also an active member of the Wilson County Beekeeper's Association, not only keeping bees but also educating how important pollinators are to our food source, flowers, and environment.

I have sponsored a community garden that fed over 400 families as well as providing fresh vegetables to Joseph's Storehouse, Mt Juliet Help Center, and Nashville Rescue Mission.

Major Barriers

In the past couple of years, I would have to say that building my real estate business has taken a larger amount of time than I had expected. My wife had lost her job and was working as a travel nurse and would be gone for 13 weeks at a time, which placed me in running everything here while she was working in Montana and Kentucky. To be sincerely honest, it was because I had been so focused on me, my family, my business, and our finances.

I have more available time to volunteer and lead now than I have in a couple of years. The things that I was so consumed by have been taken care of and my realization of that I was/am not the only one who was struggling with managing a home with a spouse that was traveling or was out of the home for extended periods. I was able to refocus myself and the course of our family to come from a position of contribution to help those around me and to assist others in reaching their business and personal goals.

Community Challenge / Issue / Goal

Community Rally Days - What I mean by that is more days or events for the community to come together to help one another, much like what we are seeing happen right now with the tornado clean up and relief. All too often it takes a tragedy for communities to come together to help their neighbors. There are many people in our county who could benefit from a quarterly or bi-annual "Neighbor Day." A day to help with home repairs, yard clean up, neighborhood block parties, gathering communities together to build comradery, pride, and awareness of the needs of others as we build our communities and our county even stronger.

Education: High School

East Ridge High School

Education: College

The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Education: Academic Awards

While serving in the US NAVY, I was awarded the Air Warefare Specialist wings as well as Rookie Air Controller of the year at my base.

Education: Extracurricular & Leadership

In 2019, I was awarded the "Culture Bear" three times, which is an award of recognition from my office for my efforts to help assimilate new agents and equipping them for not only their work in real estate but for how they too can be an intricate part of our community. I have recently been recognized as one of 30 Culture Ambassadors by the southeast region of Keller Williams Realty for 2019.

I lead discussions and demonstrations in beekeeping and why we need honey bees and other pollinators with school children and really anyone who is interested in learning.

I enjoy long-distance walking, I walked 3 half marathons last year. Looking forward to more this year.

Company / Job Responsibilities

I am a full-service Realtor assisting both Commercial and Residential clients. Whether it's purchasing, selling or leasing a home, office, warehouse, business or land, I help them all. My duties for my clients far exceed just showing properties and sitting at the closing table. I am essentially Match.Com for my clients; I assist families and business owners in finding the right property and for the right price to achieve a win-win situation for all parties. Negotiating, Searching, Advocating, Counseling and Consoling are a few of my responsibilities. I am able to do this through my knowledge and experience of being a long residence here in Mt Juliet and Wilson County.

Participation Expectations

I feel that I have several things that I would like to learn and to be able to walk away with. Being a long term resident of Wilson county, I feel that there is so much going on that I'm unaware of. I would like to learn and experience the different types of manufacturing, how extensive the agricultural impact is on our county and state, the inner workings of our county and city governments. I have loved our county and have bragged on it for years, and I would like to be able to be more knowledgable of Wilco and to represent us well.

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