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Individual Class Member Details

Individual Class Member Details

Beth Bowman
The Journey Church
Class of 2021
(615) 476-8192

Member Since: July 1st, 2020
Current Activities / Involvement

PTO at Carroll Oakland Elementary
Parent Representative for Carroll Oakland for Title One Funding
The Leadership Institute
Local missions for organizations like the Hope Society and Rest Stop Ministries
Chamber of Commerce

Major Barriers

I have younger children, and setting healthy boundaries for time management between home, work, and community involvement has been very helpful. I would love the opportunity to be more engaged and involved in our community to understand the needs and serve our community. I moved here when I was in second grade, and there is no place I would rather be. I love Wilson County!

Community Challenge / Issue / Goal

The impact of the recent tornado is huge passion of mine. I have been involved in serval efforts that are more of a crisis response to the tornado, but I know that the impact will be felt for years. I oversee the multisite strategy for our church, and our Mt. Juliet Campus was located inside of West Wilson Middle School which is a total loss from the tornado.
I would love to be on the frontlines of helping rebuild and restore our great community to what it was. Wilson County is filled with the best people, the best schools, the best businesses. It would be an honor to learn how to do more.

Education: High School

Watertown High School

Education: College

Belmont University

Education: Graduate Level

BA in Business Administration and Marketing

Education: Academic Awards

Top 5% of High School Class
President of the Marketing Club at Belmont

Education: Extracurricular & Leadership

Youth Leadership Wilson in High School for Watertown High School
Honorary Student Member of the School Board
Student Leadership Council at Belmont University
Vice President of Alpha Sigma Tau

Company / Job Responsibilities

As the Executive Director, I spearhead all of our strategic planning and initiatives. I also organize and lead hundreds of volunteers on a weekly basis which is a tremendous joy! I write and edit all internal and external communication on behalf of our church, and I lead a program called "The Leadership Institute" that gathers around 100 leaders from across Wilson County each month.

Participation Expectations

I hope to gain a better understanding of our community holistically, and specifically learn how I can be better involved in our community. I would love the opportunity to meet other likeminded leaders who want to invest in our community too. There is so much to learn from others.

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